Testimonials From 2015

I have been to a few Solar Media events and it has always been a great learning experience. Speakers are specialists and practitioners. Serious engagement is always welcome and the argumentative solar community they put together discusses with a purpose. I have been fortunate in meeting people who have become friends and whose support I can count on if I have a specific query or a difficult twist to resolve.” Nikesh Sinha, NV Vogt

“I run an off-grid social enterprise, and found the conference that Solar Media organized in Bangkok was highly worthwhile. It’s one of the few solar conferences that has a track devoted to off-grid issues, and the various sessions were informative and useful. The speakers and attendees were also excellent, and I made a number of very good connections that are already yielding benefits, with follow up meetings to explore collaborations.” Jim Ayala, Founder and CEO of Hybrid Social Solutions, Philippines

“The event was truly a working platform for the solar industry. The face-to-face meetings among the solar players was excellent. The online platform was not fully utilized and has a potential for actually hosting ideas and exchanges that created value for the event take sentence off. The email interactions prior to the event actually built positive expectations for the participants and gave a good head start for networking and business meetings. The regional flavor sets a focus on the geographic scope of the event with experiences, opportunities, challenges and solutions that are unique from other markets. The main highlight of the event was the on-grid, large scale projects and financing. The off-grid has less emphasis although opportunities are still there take sentence off. The main driver for the off-grid market are still the donor-driven programs for rural electrification, energy access, poverty alleviation, and the like.” Silver Navarro, BPI SEF

“The conference was well organized and attended by various stakeholders – investors, funders, regulators and policy makers. You would come out of the seminar understanding the industry better and where the action will be.” Ed Francisco, BDO Capital & Investment

“Solar and Off Grid Renewables Southeast Asia is one of the most important solar meetings of the year in Asia, it led to a lot of knowledge exchanges, trends updated and more importantly it creates a lot of business opportunities in the region.” Kessara Thanyalakpark, CEO, Sena Development

“I really appreciate that Solar Media organised such event in Thailand. It was a good platform for all investor, suppliers as well as policy makers to meet and exchange updated information in order to push the Solar PV market in this region. I hope you will organize this similar event in the future.” Mrs Kulwaree Buranasajjwaraporn, Bureau of Solar Energy Department