Solar Finance & Investment Southeast Asia

Solar Finance & Investment is bringing together the international and local finance community with developers and installers to release bottlenecks and increase solar PV deployment across Asia. The event is now in its second year in 2016 and co-located with Solar & Off-Grid Renewables Southeast Asia to provide a deeper dive into the hottest topics for investors and financiers engaged in the solar PV market.

Attend if you’re interested in learning about:

  1. Where international collaboration is still needed to improve inefficiencies in the finance market
  2. How we attract long term private and public capital to the renewable power sector in Asia
  3. How you can access finance from local banks?
  4. Where the opportunities for growth in 2017 are
  5. What the impact of falling oil prices and improved domestic liquidity is on the regional PV sector
  6. How effective policies have been at attracting finance to Asian solar projects and updates on main changes

View the programme here.

4 more reasons to attend:

  1. Hear from government officials on what they’re doing to ensure policy stability
  2. Understand country risk profiles and potential future uncertainty
  3. Meet with credible counterparty developers looking for investment for projects at all stages of the lifecycle
  4. Get connected and do business with the main stakeholder players in the Asian solar PV market


Solar FInance & Investment Southeast Asia