Thai energy firm B.Grimm Power has signed power purchase agreements (PPAs) for seven separate solar PV projects in Thailand with a combined capacity of 30.83MW, according to notification on the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET).

These projects include five plants (23.58MW) co-developed with the War Veterans Organization of Thailand (WVO) and two projects (7.25MW) co-developed with agricultural co-operatives. The two co-op projects are based in China Daen and Ban Na Doem.

Apart from a hybrid ‘firm‘ PPA scheme, large-scale solar ambitions in Thailand have been largely constricted to its complex co-operative scheme.

The deadline for B.Grimm to enter the PPAs was 2 March and it managed to sign the PPAs with Metropolitan Electricity Authority and Provincial Electricity Authority at the end of February.

Last month, the Asian Development Bank (ADB) said it would provide a loan of US$235 million to B. Grimm Power to develop renewable energy projects in Southeast Asia.

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