UKC Holdings is the leading company in providing semiconductor/electronic components in Japan and globally and it has started further commitment in renewable energy industry with including Dust Detection System (DDS), the soiling loss monitoring solution for Solar Farm O&M since 2015 . DDS offers the real-time monitoring of soiling impact on PV module power loss and in further provides cleaning forecast which helps you plan & prioritize cleaning resource. With DDS deployment in the PV power plants, you not only can quantify your profit loss on soiling but practice the cleaning events with additional revenue boost. Our customers can access and manage all the data through one-stop data services-DDS WEB SERVICES 24/7 anywhere.In 2017, NEW SERVICES-Panel Degradation Checking Services (PDCS) has been launched which gives your solar farm fast and reliable on-site performance check at module level. The check result helps PV power plant owners to overlook degradation status which can be utilized in financial model verification & module warranty management.